Healing Human Connection

The Importance of Having a Safe Space of Healing and Human Connection

A warm welcome to this safe space of healing.

For many of us, we experience ups and downs in our lives. There are many demands from family, friends, partners, work and so many other things to take into account, which gets too much for us to handle and we end up feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It gets to a point where we burnout, feel lost and even, don’t have time to breathe.

Our society has been designed in a way where we are increasingly becoming disconnected to ourselves and to each other. This creates a lack of human connection which results in fewer spaces for us to feel safe to fully express ourselves and feel like we are part of something bigger and part of a community.

We as human beings thrive on human connection and safe spaces to grow and succeed as individuals.

This is why having a safe space of healing is important to have in our lives and the reason why I created this space and blog to connect and support others on their healing journey.

The more safe spaces we have in this world, the better quality of human connection we have in this world. The better quality of human connection we have in this world, the better the world will be.

That is the vision I have for this world and I look forward to being on this journey with you.

Written by: Sophie Leung

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