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My signature are like nothing else on the market, designed to reframe your thoughts around money, health, relationships, self-love and motherhood.

"Sophie was recommended to me by a friend. I was in a point of my life where I felt stuck and I wanted to seek clarity and direction. She created an open and non-judgmental space, which led me to learn more about myself and tap into my inner truth. She asks the right questions, probes and digs which makes me reflect more on what I really want to do in my life. Every week, I find myself taking action and gaining more confidence within myself. And within the two months that we have worked together, I have taken steps forwards for all the goals that I have held off for two years. She has helped in so many ways and I am so thankful for her and what she does."
Joyce P
Healthcare Manager, UK
"I initially came in for anger management issues, and through this random chance, I came across Sophie. Before, I can be easily triggered. I went through therapy for it and I still do but I realised the limitations of it because sometimes the anger is already generated, and I have to release it somewhere whether it is within yourself or on to your environment. I don't think that's a good thing to have constantly that process. So I signed up with Sophie to change that. Even in between the sessions, I felt the big changes of my attitude for those issues that used to trigger me. The process was fun and I felt like a new world has opened to me and now I have the confidence and calm to strive and enjoy it. I think we have to talk to different parts of us so we can put ourselves together and then march on. My life now has changed in a few aspects. The most obvious one is my relationship with my dad which has improved a lot. As a result, I am no longer a victim. In the work place, I am more calm. I feel more at ease with myself and accept myself."
Ms. Shi
Finance Manager, Singapore
"I was attending counselling sessions but those sessions weren't really helpful for me into what I am looking for exactly. So I reached out to Sophie because I had a couple of issues that affected my self confidence, which were happening in my personal life and career wise. I was super insecure. I always asked myself whether I am worth it and all those insecurities in my head.  I was super sad about myself and felt really disappointed with myself but through Sophie's signature method, I realised I have done my best and I was just super burnt out with taking care of my family as well as taking care of myself and being able to perform at work. It is a good reminder to take a step back and be able to take care of ourselves. I am so grateful that I met Sophie because I am much more calmer. Her sessions really guided me to understand that all the things that happened in the past is just a part of my growth and up to this point, I am still growing and it is best to acknowledge the past. I would really highly recommend Sophie because if you are looking to know yourself more not just on the surface, it is definitely something you can dig in with her. The biggest takeaway was that my childhood really impacted me on how I see the world and learnt how to move forward and grow from there. Now I believe that I have a purpose to move forward. Sophie is one of the best if you want to deep dive and gain confidence, so reach out!"
Dilla Rahmalia
Executive, Singapore
"I was struggling with a lot of self-esteem issues and they probably stemmed from my childhood. A lot of things have happened that all seemed to have blown up all at once, which put me in a bad state of mind. So I thought reaching out to Sophie would help me resolve these issues that I have been carrying around with me for so long. I have tried other methods such as a psychiatrist, psychologist and tried other ways, it has helped me in some issues surface wise but it involved me to be on medication, which I didn't want to be on because they numb my feelings and it was a band aid to cover up the wound. My life before going through the process, I questioned myself a lot, whether I was worthy or good enough or whether I deserved it and that everything was all my fault. I realise now that I was taking on some problems that weren't mine. I have only had two sessions so far with Sophie, but I feel like I cleared a lot of cosmic baggage. The inner child healing has really helped and I feel a lot lighter and more positive about things. Being more aware that little things shouldn't turn into big mountains. I haven't felt this happy and positive in a long time! I have become more aware of the gifts I have and I am more open to receiving, which was probably right in my face the entire time but I was very closed off to even notice it. It also has helped me stand up for myself too and not just taking what comes at me."
Entrepreneur, Switzerland

What People Are Saying

My signature are like nothing else on the market, designed to reframe your thoughts around money, health, relationships, self-love and motherhood.

"I always knew Sophie is wonderful and a person that can guide people into the right direction. I went to college with Sophie and whenever I faced any life decisions, she actually gives the best guidance from her pure intuition.  She understands somebody's situation intuitively and quickly. The main purpose of my life was to make my grandparents proud of me. So when I lost my grandparents, my mind was empty, who am I going to make proud of my achievements going forward? So that's when Sophie became my wonderful coach. I had no doubt that Sophie would because she is a trustworthy person.  When I started my mind was only occupied by my work, so everything I was doing was to be efficient for my work. I was losing my mind. Sophie's coaching style is not like the traditional coaching. What is special about Sophie's signature method is that it is a mix of rewiring the subconscious mind, diving deep into my emotions through coaching and other methods. With that I was able to understand my past trauma, then understanding the key issues that I still care about which are still affecting my current life. I was able to forgive the past. I feel light and really happy, healing my past experience and understanding other people's circumstances and view. Being able to let go of what happened in the past and it is not hurting me anymore thanks to Sophie's signature process. I am still in the process, but the biggest takeaway is that I can be myself. Before, I was making myself satisfactory to other people's expectations. I forgot about myself and what I wanted for myself. So now, thanks to Sophie, I have experienced many shifts in my life. The result of Sophie's coaching was that I got a promotion and a permanent position, I also am in a relationship now and I am more financially abundant! I am more confident which the results actually shows. I am living a life of fulfilment in my career, relationships and other aspects of my life. 
Banking & Finance, Manager, USA/Japan
"Having Sophie as a life coach during the height of the pandemic was such a godsend. I had sought her help at a time of uncertainty and confusion, and in less than three months, she helped me regain the self-confidence to forge my own path — onwards and upwards! Sophie’s a great listener and is very perceptive. She asks thought-provoking questions to offer a different perspective (and they always make me go: “Hmm... I don’t know; I’ve never thought about that before.”). Sophie has a multi-faceted coaching style, sometimes incorporating quick meditation and hypnotherapy into our sessions. I’ll forever be thankful to Sophie for guiding me in my journey of careful introspection, confronting demons, and finding my inner truth. I highly recommend Sophie as a coach and suggest booking a discovery session if you want to learn more. "
Shani Go
Manager, USA
"Prior to our sessions, I was struggling with some deep seated fears which were holding me back from having confidence in my capabilities. Sophie was recommended by word of mouth. I was a little skeptical at first, but keeping an open mind, trusting Sophie and keeping my commitment to complete the process was an eye opening and productive experience. Sophie created an environment that made me feel safe to open up and be vulnerable. She also assured me of the confidentiality of our sessions, which is important to me. Her patience in explaining the process and gentle nudges facilitated the sessions and helped me with mining my innermost feelings and buried memories. There were several insights which were unlocked during these sessions which gave me a lot to think about. I feel a lot more at peace with myself and have been able to embrace many of my learnings and revelations. The sessions with Sophie have given me the avenue to ask myself a lot of questions that I had struggled with in the past, and laid down some foundation for me to work on some of my insecurities and improve my relationships. I am now able to approach these topics/ areas with more kindness and open-ness, without the emotional loading that used to inhibit my abilities to work through them. I would recommend Sophie for her services..
SH, Director, Asia
""I was in a really dark place and in a mess. After 10 years of constantly failing at things in my job, in my relationships, in my family, it really beat me down and it took away all my confidence, all the confidence that I accumulated over my youth was all gone. Before I started any projects, I always assumed that it was going to fail. So why bother at all? Past history has shown that I will fail and that kind of drained me. I knew the psychotherapy wasn't working, when my best friend had died, and I was grieving. This was when I realised it was just a band aid to my wound. I saw through social media that Sophie was a Coach and I knew without a doubt that I could trust Sophie, that’s why I took the leap of faith and it worked. She has helped me a lot! The sessions are awesome and I look forward to them every week. When I first started my sessions, my family was not talking to me, and I felt like I had no hope. I was looking for a way out and becoming a better person. I am a man of science, so I was sceptical but after the first session, I saw how it immediately affected me in a positive way. After that, I was really into it because I felt all the darkness that I was experiencing was purged. Sophie is really intuitive about my life, and it was thanks to Sophie’s coaching that I have a real career. I work in a Tech company based in Germany, using what I have been trained to do. Things are looking hopeful, and I have gained the confidence that was what I was lacking. My key takeaway from the sessions is that I had a lot of self-hatred, anger towards myself and others. Through the process, I feel lighter and less hateful. It is showing in the results through my relationship with my family which has improved. I realised that I was the problem that was blocking me but once that was removed, my family started to connect with me more. It is a huge difference from before. Before I didn't have a real job as I was just getting by and now, I am the Head of Development in a company in Germany. I could never have imagined that this would be happening to me because I never expected to have a life like this. It is my dream job. I went to school in IT and now I am using my knowledge towards a job that I am truly passionate about. I don't hate myself anymore and I am not angry, I actually like myself now! I was very insecure and through Sophie's sessions, it helped me give me the confidence to be more assertive and go for my dreams. Things are going really well for me and things that I wouldn't ever imagined! I would add that Sophie legitimately cares for my progress and knows how to support me." 
Tech, Head of Development, USA
"Sophie is one of a kind. I couldn't have asked for a better discussion on growth, empowerment, listening to your inner voice, and unleashing your potential within. She excels in listening, asking the right questions, and bringing out the best in you. I would recommend Sophie to anyone who is looking to tap into their full potential and live a life that they are truly meant to live. "
Tasha Lopez
Health Coach, USA
Deciding to work with Sophie has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. To be frank, I never thought I “needed” a coach and I’ve always thought of myself as a “high-performer.” I now know how powerful the right coaching relationship can be. She’s helped me to get in touch with who I need to be in order to achieve my goals, helped me to understand my performance and mindset in ways I haven’t noticed before working with her and holds up a mirror that helps me be accountable to myself for my progress. Strongly recommend working with her if you want to improve your performance in any area of your life that is important to you""
A Small
Tech, CEO, Malaysia
"Prior to reaching out to Sophie, I was going through quite a few struggles. I was experiencing anxiety and grief, which the pandemic had accentuated. I find it challenging to reach out for support, but I am very appreciative of Sophie in holding space for me. Her ability to connect with the significant things like my personality, my emotions, and a bit of my background really stands out and supports me through the process. Also our backgrounds, our identity are similar and so it helps me relate and connect to her. Sophie is able to listen intently and ask powerful questions, which provides me clarity in identifying the real key issues and what the underlying emotions are."
A King
CEO , Australia
"I had in mind that it was time for me to start my own business but I have not been in the workforce in a while, and I felt that I needed a change in direction. I know Sophie through our networks and knowing that she is aligned to my values, I reached out to her for support because I know she would understand the kind of direction that I am working towards. I knew Sophie would be able to guide and coach me in becoming more confident and provide me clarity in my goals. It has been an interesting experience, the journey is not plain sailing and smooth because it is a process of self discovery and healing, and getting rid of my limiting beliefs that haven't been serving me. It was up and down but it helped me facilitate my own personal growth because I feel that it is more than talking about the mechanics of setting up of the business. That is one side of the business coaching but what really has helped in terms of me getting more confidence, and also having to shift my mindset of yes, I really can do this is where Sophie uses her signature method to help rewire my subconscious mind and other techniques to help facilitate things. I feel like I wouldn't have necessarily be this far along to launch my business if some of my personal inner work hasn't been dealt with. Addressing my limiting beliefs has helped me make sure that my business is sustainable and also has supported me in my own personal life. Having the weekly sessions gave me time to really dedicate to get it done, which increases the likelihood of getting everything done."
Rebekah Hah-Dwyer
Entrepreneur, UK
"Sophie is an incredibly gifted and a very generous coach! I had so many wonderful breakthroughs during our sessions! The work with Sophie has really enabled me to delve into the spiritual dimension while embracing and celebrating my feminine core. As well as learning how to embody that in all walks of life, instead of shying away from it! I would highly recommend working with Sophie"
Amreen Rahman
HR Manager, Dubai
"A year ago, I approached Sophie to help me connect to the spiritual universe. I took up a package of six sessions, but after the first session itself - my world opened up instantaneously. Each session was literally out-of-this-world, with me fully plugging in or tapping into a whole different world and source. My world was changed forever. Sophie not only catapulted to a whole new realm of living, she completely ignited my spiritual journey that has since opened up so many doors of wonder and abundance for me. I highly recommend Sophie for any deep healing work and for women who are seeking to reconnect and free their inner selves."
Mishell Leong
Entrepreneur, Singapore
"I was looking out for a Coach to aid me in my self-improvement due thoughts that I had that were bringing me down emotionally when working towards my goals. When I first started coaching with Sophie, I was able to draw out and learn that these thoughts were sub consciousness that I had developed over time. I was able to learn to embrace them and learn to co-exist as well as use it at times when required. I am now more confident at dealing with this sub consciousness and have grown. I am now able to strive towards my goals with less doubt and more confidence. My overall Experience with Coach Sophie is one of positiveness, she is extremely kind and understanding as well as professional, she was able to explain to me logically the experiences I was having and it made it much easier to understand. Her concise and precise notes after the sessions are great to refer to and sums up each session perfectly well. I would definitely recommend her to others that are seeking a professional and amazing life coach that are seeking to improve themselves and their situation"
CJ Lee
"Sophie is one coach who guides you well to the goal you want to reach, she also gets you to think deeply and broadly. I do find her engaging where she shows genuine interest in what I do and where I am going. This is good as she does her best to connect with me, so she too can get a better understanding of my perspective. From there, she is able to share her advice, and guide in a way that is more for me."
C Foo
Manager, Singapore
"Sophie is a really compassionate and encouraging coach. She really listens without making any judgement to give you a safe space to share what's really on your mind or in your heart. I remember there was a time I was in a dilemma and I was really angry and simply couldn't think straight. She was able to see where I was stuck and pointed it out for me so lovingly. I really enjoy working with Sophie towards making my dreams a reality. She helps you become more confident in whatever endeavours you're pursuing and she guides you and gives you valuable feedback so you can get back on track in case you feel lost on your journey. Well-done Sophie and thank you so much for being such a wonderful coach!"
S Lau
Nutrionist, Hong Kong
"Sophie takes time to really get to know you and uses deep coaching techniques to help create the positive mindset that you really need to move your life forward!"
Claire Bjerkan
Entrepreneur, UK
"Highly recommend Sophie as she is very professional and goes the extra mile for what she does. She's patient and attentive."
A Koo
Director, Singapore
Sophie is heaven-sent. We need someone like her in our lives to help us get through anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. She does exactly that and the better part is she shares exercises we can use so we can be empowered and use these on our own in the future.  When I met Sophie, I was at the brink of giving up on my career, my dreams, and the thought of having hope about a bright future. I was just mustering all the courage I had left each day to get up, take care of our kids, and excel at work. I was angry, regretful, and frightened. And I was exhausted from bleak memories of the past, dreadful problems in the present, and frightful thoughts about the future. When she offered to listen, I was so hesitant at first because I was so embarrassed with my situation. Plus she's younger than I am and overall, I just really didn't want to be a burden. She understood that and empathized with it. She never gave up on me. There's something about her that made me trust her and tell her what's been weighing me down. She listened patiently, gently, as if nothing else mattered in the world except what I had to say. She knew the right words to encourage me and she knew when to let me be. She acknowledged and empathized with my emotions. That meant a lot and made me trust her all the way.  When I'd be scared to acknowledge my fears, she would gently guide me back. When I'm burdened, she'd show me how to let go of the heavy weight on my shoulders through effective visualization exercises. When I'm overwhelmed with so many things I have to do, she leads a guided meditation where I immediately find clarity and instantly feel the chaos fade away. And out of nowhere, she'd pop in to tell me affirmations that would undoubtedly lift my spirits up, such as "You have a beautiful light inside of you Vi. I believe that." And we're talking, she'd say something like, "I think you are wonderful with a big heart of gold!" or "You are bright shining ball of love." It just fills me up no matter how empty I had been feeling and brings me back to looking forward to each day again. I don't know how she does it, but she'd check on me in the exact time when I've been thinking of contacting her. It's as if she reads my mind, but I'm starting to believe its her being able to sense the energy I have or whatever's left of it. She has this weekly broadcast that I always look forward to. It's become my weekly energizer/charger.  What I mostly love about Sophie is her aim is to genuinely help me recover, get better, become stronger, and be the version of the person I want to be. She's never selfish. She's always giving and she's just overflowing with so much positive healing and empowering energy and I, of course, willingly indulge and drink it up. The result: a huge improvement in the way I see myself, how I take care of my well-being, and how confident I am sharing my skills and talents with others. I was retreating before, I am moving forward now, full steam ahead! There are times when there are certain triggers that threaten my confidence but because of the exercises that Sophie has shared with me, I can deal with them better. Sophie is a gift that I'll be forever thankful receiving. She's a blessing that we all need at least once in our lives.
Vi Arbedola
Entrepreneur, Philippines

Note: Some clients may prefer to keep their privacy, hence, there might not be a full name, a photo, designation or location stated or have requested for their face to be blurred out in the video. This is to respect my clients wishes.


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