Who is this for?


This space is for any woman wants to achieve purpose driven success and is not willing to compromise, yet you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, stress, overwhelm or burn out. 

It is a private community that is safe, supportive and non-judgmental for you to share what you are currently experiencing and receive support from like minded women that are on the same journey as you. 

The Vision of The Thriving Women's Collective

I created a private, safe and supportive space for women who have ambition to achieve a life of their own dreams yet are experiencing anxiety, stress, overwhelm or burnout. Sometimes it is hard to share your challenges or find safe spaces to share your most vulnerable moments when you are going through a hard time without feeling that you are going to be judged. So this space is for you to receive and also to give support to women that are on the same journey as you to step into their personal power.  

This group is for you to share your wins, your challenges, your inspirations that got you through the day, and ultimately to support the collectives journey of growth in being the best version of yourselves. 

It is about owning your worth, voice and personal power and fully embracing who you were always born to be with your core confidence.

What you will receive in The Thriving Women’s Collective?

In this group, you will receive support from other members in the group as well as daily nuggets that will support you in fully embracing who you were always born to be. 

It is the perfect complement to any group or private program with me.

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What one of our Thriving Ladies has to say about
The Thriving Women's Collective

Sophie is heaven-sent. We need someone like her in our lives to help us get through anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. She does exactly that and the better part is she shares exercises we can use so we can be empowered and use these on our own in the future. When I met Sophie, I was at the brink of giving up on my career, my dreams, and the thought of having hope about a bright future. I was just mustering all the courage I had left each day to get up, take care of our kids, and excel at work. I was angry, regretful, and frightened. And I was exhausted from bleak memories of the past, dreadful problems in the present, and frightful thoughts about the future. When she offered to listen, I was so hesitant at first because I was so embarrassed with my situation. Plus she's younger than I am and overall, I just really didn't want to be a burden. She understood that and empathized with it. She never gave up on me. There's something about her that made me trust her and tell her what's been weighing me down.  She listened patiently, gently, as if nothing else mattered in the world except what I had to say. She knew the right words to encourage me and she knew when to let me be. She acknowledged and empathized with my emotions. That meant a lot and made me trust her all the way. When I'd be scared to acknowledge my fears, she would gently guide me back. When I'm burdened, she'd show me how to let go of the heavy weight on my shoulders through effective visualization exercises. When I'm overwhelmed with so many things I have to do, she leads a guided meditation where I immediately find clarity and instantly feel the chaos fade away.  And out of nowhere, she'd pop in to tell me affirmations that would undoubtedly lift my spirits up, such as "You have a beautiful light inside of you Vi. I believe that." And we're talking, she'd say something like, "I think you are wonderful with a big heart of gold!" or "You are bright shining ball of love." It just fills me up no matter how empty I had been feeling and brings me back to looking forward to each day again. I don't know how she does it, but she'd check on me in the exact time when I've been thinking of contacting her. It's as if she reads my mind, but I'm starting to believe its her being able to sense the energy I have or whatever's left of it. She has this weekly broadcast that I always look forward to. It's become my weekly energizer/charger. What I mostly love about Sophie is her aim is to genuinely help me recover, get better, become stronger, and be the version of the person I want to be.  She's never selfish. She's always giving and she's just overflowing with so much positive healing and empowering energy and I, of course, willingly indulge and drink it up. The result: a huge improvement in the way I see myself, how I take care of my well-being, and how confident I am sharing my skills and talents with others. I was retreating before, I am moving forward now, full steam ahead!  There are times when there are certain triggers that threaten my confidence but because of the exercises that Sophie has shared with me, I can deal with them better. Sophie is a gift that I'll be forever thankful receiving. She's a blessing that we all need at least once in our lives.
Vi Arboleda
Entrepreneur, Philippines